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13 Mar 2021 09:03

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Landing on OFLAMERON

Episode number 34767
Interrogation of Paratrooper Jett

Central Command (CoCo):
- We have access to your Diary. Our probe was able to intercept the transaction.
- [Jett] Can you confirm this?
- For example, you write that perhaps neutrino particles can be quantum bound. And if such a technology exists, then it is possible to perform the location of any objects at any distance and in any physical condition. For example, planets, stars.
- [Jett] More
- Moving consciousness into a virtual realm creates tremendous benefits and many technical challenges. Virtual existence is not limited in time, if the virtualization environment continues to exist and the virtualization mechanism works. And this requires some kind of structure in the real world that will create and maintain a virtual structure. In the virtual world, there is a huge problem of reverse transformation into the real world, and even the transfer of information is a huge problem. The former structures have been lost millions of years ago. And new ones may still not be created due to the insufficient development of Mankind.
Is it enough?
- [Jett] Very interesting. Who wrote this?
- Twenty years ago, before the expedition to OFLAMERON, your consciousness was copied by the Central Command. Now we have re-analyzed the information and found the search keys.Then we reanalyzed the X-ray laser tests. There was an incomprehensible loss of a huge amount of energy. And the laser shot itself turned out to be "nowhere". Our probe did not detect an X-ray on the track. He's lost somewhere. There are remnants of the laser, there is telemetry, there was radiation, the overrun of energy was huge, and the beam was lost.
[Jett] Jett looked at a small spot on the wall. The spot has moved and got bigger.
- We need all the information you have accumulated. You know we can interrogate. You cannot leave here. You cannot until you submit all the reports and until we check them.
- [Jett] You can directly read my mind and memory. What can I add to this?
- There is nothing about what you did and what interests us. You hid it. We need an access algorithm.
- [Jett] The point is that there is no such algorithm. It was destroyed so that it could not be found in my mind.



Valery Shmeleff

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