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Landing on OFLAMERON - 04 Apr 2021 08:29


Episode number E54678
Interrogation of Paratrooper Jett

Central Command interrogates Paratrooper Jett.

— [CoCo] Why didn't you use standard cryptography? Do you understand that this is illegal?

— [Jett] First, I didn't want control and interference. Secondly, I was just working on improving the robustness of the algorithms.

— [CoCo] Random number generator programs are not reliable. They are repeated. Such encryption algorithms are quickly compromised.

— [Jett] If you generate numbers, then you are right.

— [CoCo] What other options are there

— [Jett] I was generating a sequence of unlimited length. The size of the longest prime is known and has been confirmed. The rate of growth of computer performance is known. You can fairly accurately predict how long a prime number will be tested in 10 years. This means that all LONGER NUMBERS can be considered simple before checking them. I took a number several orders of magnitude longer. And for about 3-4 years, you can safely encode information.

— [CoCo]By the way, what about the interference you mentioned?

— [Jett] I don't like car incidents. They looked artificial .

— [CoCo] With what?

— [Jett] Nuances. Do you know?

— [CoCo] We studied you. And you reacted very angrily. No excerpt.

— [Jett] As is. Everything is natural.

— [CoCo] Enough about that. Tell us about the solution to another problem. Improving the quality of video surveillance from satellites…

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Global Public wiki Movie Scenario - 13 Mar 2021 09:03


Landing on OFLAMERON

Episode number 34767
Interrogation of Paratrooper Jett

Central Command (CoCo):
- We have access to your Diary. Our probe was able to intercept the transaction.
- [Jett] Can you confirm this?
- For example, you write that perhaps neutrino particles can be quantum bound. And if such a technology exists, then it is possible to perform the location of any objects at any distance and in any physical condition. For example, planets, stars.
- [Jett] More
- Moving consciousness into a virtual realm creates tremendous benefits and many technical challenges. Virtual existence is not limited in time, if the virtualization environment continues to exist and the virtualization mechanism works. And this requires some kind of structure in the real world that will create and maintain a virtual structure. In the virtual world, there is a huge problem of reverse transformation into the real world, and even the transfer of information is a huge problem. The former structures have been lost millions of years ago. And new ones may still not be created due to the insufficient development of Mankind.
Is it enough?
- [Jett] Very interesting. Who wrote this?
- Twenty years ago, before the expedition to OFLAMERON, your consciousness was copied by the Central Command. Now we have re-analyzed the information and found the search keys.Then we reanalyzed the X-ray laser tests. There was an incomprehensible loss of a huge amount of energy. And the laser shot itself turned out to be "nowhere". Our probe did not detect an X-ray on the track. He's lost somewhere. There are remnants of the laser, there is telemetry, there was radiation, the overrun of energy was huge, and the beam was lost.
[Jett] Jett looked at a small spot on the wall. The spot has moved and got bigger.
- We need all the information you have accumulated. You know we can interrogate. You cannot leave here. You cannot until you submit all the reports and until we check them.
- [Jett] You can directly read my mind and memory. What can I add to this?
- There is nothing about what you did and what interests us. You hid it. We need an access algorithm.
- [Jett] The point is that there is no such algorithm. It was destroyed so that it could not be found in my mind.



Valery Shmeleff
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Global Public wiki Movie Script #34754 - 28 Feb 2021 18:28


Episode number 34754
Interrogation of Paratrooper Jett

Central Command (CoCo):
- You got the data on quantum connectedness. We are interested in them
- (Jett) This question has existed since the start of work on the quantum location. The labs were too busy with technology and testing. The military needed real locators, not hypotheses.
- (CoCo) You've also studied astronomy.
- (Jett) Someone should have thought about it. We were able to create a theory of the detector and build a device. It turned out that entangled particles are present in cosmic radiation of different nature. Quantum entanglement, quantum entanglement, millions of years.
- (CoCo) Do you think that we have been watched for millions of years?
- (Jett) This is very likely. Apparently "that side" has existed for a long time. It is even possible that they "live slower than us", but much longer. Maybe even "permanently".
- (CoCo) Why then do they need us?
- (Jett) We live faster. We generate ideas and solve problems faster. And they use them. This is very beneficial. If there are many such "reserves", we will never catch up with them.
- (CoCo) We need to look for a solution. Any hypotheses?
- (Jett) They can have different levels and the ability to move to a higher level. This is just a guess. No data. We must look for entrances. Now it is not even known how they might look, what their properties and conditions are.
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Public movie scenario - 24 Jan 2021 08:23


Episode E2476

— The universe was once a giant Black Hole. And it exploded. This is how the Big Bang happened. Through billions of years Life arose there …

— Maybe

— We are interested in how it was possible to preserve and transfer Knowledge during such a Big Bang?

— It is possible to transmit information in some direction. But then it will take a long time to look for it.

— Could they form omnidirectional information radiation?

— Maybe not in all directions. Apparently there are gaps in the radiation. And besides, it has already become very weak. It is scattered and absorbed. Unless it's re-emitted

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Original Movie Idea - 21 Jan 2021 05:09


Original Film Idea

A global scenario of a fantastic blockbuster. This is a wiki script. Everyone can write their episodes and publish in any way in any format. The episodes you write are protected by copyright law. You are their author.
You can also indicate your copyright if you have made a translation into a foreign language. A feature of the scenario - it will be a story about the landing of troops on the planet OFLAMERON and everything that happened before and after. The first part of the script is about the paratrooper Jett (not a professional, in fact a physicist) was able to carry out a successful landing on the planet OFLAMERON. At the same time, all the previous demants, which were conducted by the High Command (most likely - Artificial Intelligence), suffered a disaster.

PDF (source Russian)

DOWNLOAD Movie Script

The Сommand detained Jett and is trying to get information about its developments and the results of the expedition.
The command found many strange and unusual in the preparation and equipment of the landing force. High Command suspects Jett has received information from a controversial source - the Information Field …
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Movie script - 18 Jan 2021 11:37


Global Wiki Movie Script

New global project. Movie script wiki. You can write part of the script yourself and publish it in any way. Write several episodes, set a unique number for each episode and post it on the Internet - on a blog, on a forum, on a website. Add your copyright. The script of a fantastic film about the operation of special forces on the planet OFAMERON. The peculiarity of the film is that it uses the latest technical ideas, scientific developments, hypotheses. Some hypotheses may then turn out to be false, some hypotheses will be confirmed and will be used for the benefit of Mankind.

All this is very interesting. This can increase the interest of young people in science and technology, in obtaining higher education, in finding new and interesting jobs all over the world. Even if such a script or film will contribute to an increase in the migration of high-quality specialists to leading companies or institutions, it will also benefit Science, Technology and Humanity as a whole.

Until now, there have not yet been scientifically accurate action movies written by physicists, mathematicians, programmers, biologists, chemists or archaeologists and astronomers. They were previously used as consultants for feature films. It also offers to write a fully scientific script for a blockbuster.

Any article that didn't make it into a science journal, any fantastic science idea - anything can be used in a script. The more reliably you use scientific material in your episodes, the more likely they will be chosen for the film.

Landing on OFLAMERON

Your episodes for the script can be PDF document or Word document, can be a simple text file or HTML file. Just use the name for the script - "Landing on OFLAMERON" and create a unique number. For example, RU924_18022021. Here the initial letters (RU) are the domain of Russia. Next is your number that you came up with and then - day, month and year.

Another publishing option is to create a wiki resource and publish new episodes. You can let other professionals make additions to your script or suggest ideas and fix bugs.

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About project - 15 Jan 2021 14:17


About global wiki script

This is a sci-fi movie script that you can write and publish yourself. You can write any number of episodes in any language and post on your website, blog or social network.

This is a new and unusual way to present yourself as an interesting engineer, developer, manager, translator, scientist. Create your piece of a famous global sci-fi movie script. The first parts of the script were written several years ago. The script uses the most interesting scientific and technical ideas, developments and hypotheses. The better you know your job or research projects, the more interesting and truthful the script will be.
This is the advantage of the script wiki - many specialists can make changes and additions, creating the most reliable version of the future film. You can make the most accurate and interesting translation into foreign languages - this is a great chance to publish your copyright. Recruiters will definitely turn to a high-quality global product.

Write your episode or several episodes for the script. Use unique sequence numbers to make sure they belong to the same file group. Post them on your blogs, social networks, web server, etc. There are very few characters in the first episodes of the script. Therefore, writing a script is easy.

Download source document

For new episodes, you can use any scientific events from the field of mathematics, physics, astronomy, biology, etc. Archeology can provide a lot of interesting script ideas. You can use the real names of the area, cities. Thus, you can increase their popularity in the world.
If you wrote part of the script for a movie, you can then refine it using the new data. The more credible the scientific evidence in a script or film, the more popular science will be in the world. And this is very good for the development of Humanity.
The first parts of the script are written in Russian. If this creates difficulties, use Google translator. The original script is written in such a way that such a translation will be easy to understand.
A film script can be written in any format - Word document, plain text file, PDF document, etc. You can create a dedicated wiki resource for hosting script episodes. There may be several such resources.
In addition to the movie script, you can create illustrations - graphic images and 3D models, diagrams, drawings, graphs and formulas.
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